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We proudly serve a variety of areas to meet your moving needs. From Blue Springs to Leawood, our team ensures a smooth move, whether you're crossing city lines or state borders. Rely on us for local know-how and dedicated service in each community.

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Moving into a new home should be an exciting journey, not a daunting task. With Movefasa Moving, based in Blue Springs, MO, you're choosing more than just a moving company; you're selecting a partner dedicated to making your move as seamless as possible.

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When your company is poised for a move to a new office space, understanding the complexity of commercial moving is crucial. Movefasa Moving, centrally located in Blue Springs, MO, is here to enhance your commercial relocation experience.


Embarking on a move to a new state or across the country should be a thrilling adventure, not a source of stress. With Movefasa Moving, located in the heart of Blue Springs, MO, you're choosing more than just a moving company;


Transitioning to a new apartment should be a thrilling chapter in your life, not an overwhelming one. Located in Blue Springs, MO, Movefasa Moving offers more than just relocation services; we provide a partnership that ensures your apartment move is seamless from start to finish.


Relocating should open doors to new beginnings, not bring stress and confusion. Movefasa Moving, located in Blue Springs, MO, goes beyond relocation assistance; we deliver expert packing services that streamline your entire moving process.

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Relocating your home should mark a fresh start, and you can achieve that by hiring the right company. Located in Blue Springs, MO, Movefasa Moving improves traditional moving services with specialized piano moving services that guarantee your beloved piano arrives at its new home safely and in perfect condition.


Moving to a new home brings excitement and new opportunities, but the physical process doesn't have to be overwhelming. Located in Blue Springs, MO, Movefasa Moving offers more than simple moving solutions; we provide specialized labor-only moving services that make the transition smoother and less stressful.


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frequently asked questions

There’s so much more that goes into a move than just your moving day activities. We know moving is stressful and it’s our job to help! We’ve compiled a moving timeline so that you stay one step ahead.

8 Weeks Before You Move

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Organize: Start sorting your belongings into categories: Keep, Sell, Donate and Discard.
Don’t forget about your basement, attic and storage areas.
• Perishables: Begin using up items you won’t be moving with you, such as frozen foods.
• Questions: Compile a list of questions for your movers. Every company does things a
little bit differently. Be sure to ask questions about things like cancellation policies and
liability coverage.
• Research: Begin your search for a moving company. Ask for referrals and look for
companies with good reviews.

6 Weeks Before You Move

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Moving for work?: Check in with your employer to find out which expenses and
responsibilities they will be covering.
• IRS/CPA: Gather information on what expenses you might be able to deduct on your
• Records: If you are relocating to an entirely new area, reach out to schools,
medical/dental offices, and more to get copies of your personal records.
• Schools: Contact your kids’ schools to notify them of your move. Look into the
enrollment process in your new school district.
• Supplies: Gather or purchase your packing material, such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap
and markers/labels.
• Insurance: Follow up with your auto and home/renter’s insurance agents to make sure
they have your new address and do business in that area.

4 Weeks Before You Move

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Forward Mail: Submit a Change of Address form with the Post Office.
• Hazardous Items: Your mover won’t be able to move hazardous or flammable items, and
you won’t be able to dispose of them in your regular trash. Make a plan for moving or
disposing of items like paint, aerosols, propane, guns, chemicals, etc.
• Utilities: Inform gas, electric, oil, water, phone, cable, trash, etc. companies for service
disconnection and reconnection. Don’t forget to leave your essentials connected
through the end of your moving day.
• Start Packing: Box up your items, starting with items you won’t be needing for the next
month. Be sure to label boxes as clearly as possible to simplify and expedite your movein.
• Book Your Movers: Call your moving company and confirm your move date and time.

3 Weeks Before You Move

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Service Providers: If you have any maid service, landscaping or maintenance providers,
be sure to let them know you’re moving and see if they can transfer services to your
new location.
• Travel Plans: Set up arrangements and reservations for your moving trip, whether that
be plane tickets or hotels.
• Pro Tip: There are a lot of variables and unexpected situations when moving and closing
on a home. Flying out on your moving day may add stress. You might want to reserve a
hotel and fly out the next morning.

2 Weeks Before You Move

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Elevators and Parking: If you are moving out of or into a building with a loading dock or
elevator, try to get an elevator reservation and pass that info along to your movers. If
parking may be a problem, find out if you can reserve a parking space for your moving
• Personal Vehicle: If you’ll be driving for your relocation, have your car checked and
serviced before the move. Keep weather conditions in mind as well.
• Bank Records: Update your billing address. Most banks provide this service online or by
• Time Off: Inform your employer about your move and request any time off needed. If
you’re unable to take off work, arrange for a friend or family members to oversee your
• Insurance and Valuation: Decide what coverage you would like for your move. If you’re
opting for coverage through your homeowners or renters insurance, give them a call to
confirm what they will cover. If you want coverage through your mover, contact them to
request added coverage.

1 Week Before You Move

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Clean: Start cleaning up your current residence. Leave some cleaning supplies out for
some post-move cleaning OR book move-out cleaners. We recommend Margaret
McHenry Maids.
• Fuel: Prepare equipment like lawn mowers and snow blowers to be moved by draining
gas and oil.
• Defrost: Start defrosting your refrigerator and freezer. Prop the doors open so that they
don’t close on kids or pets.
• Appliances: Finish up last-minute loads of laundry. Disconnect and prep your major
appliances for moving.
• Final Packing: Be sure to pack everything you’ll need in the first few days after your
move into a suitcase or an easily accessible container or bag.
• Cash: If you plan on paying for your move in cash, be sure to prepare this ahead of time.
• Pro Tip: While tipping is not a requirement by any means, it is always appreciated, and
like all service industries, cash is preferred. A good guideline is $5 to $10 per mover per

Moving Day

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Point of Contact: Be sure to have someone available for your movers, whether that be
yourself or someone else. Make sure your movers know who to contact!
• Moving Documents: Read your Moving Bill of Lading/Contract carefully before you sign.
• Final Walkthrough: Be sure to complete a walkthrough at each location of your move.
You don’t want to leave anything behind!